Lincoln Housing Authority (LHA) takes applications from persons eligible for the program and places them on a waiting list. After a family is selected, the following sequence occurs:

1. A LHA Housing Specialist issues the eligible family a voucher and explains program rules and regulations to the family.

2. The family finds a place that they would like to rent.

3. The family and owner negotiate the rent and discuss the terms of the rental lease.

4. The family and owner complete a Request for Inspection and Unit Information (RIUI) and return the original copy to LHA.

5. The LHA Inspections Department schedules an appointment with the owner or family for a LHA Housing Inspector to inspect the unit for compliance with Housing Quality Standards (HQS) and to determine if the rent requested by the owner is reasonable.

6. If the unit fails the inspection the owner must correct the defect(s). LHA can not start rent payments until a unit has passed inspection and the tenant is living in the unit.

7. After the unit passes an inspection, the LHA Housing Specialist mails a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract and a Tenancy (Lease) Addendum to the owner for signatures.

8. The LHA Housing Specialist requests the owner's lease.

9. The owner returns the signed HAP Contract, Tenancy (Lease) Addendum, owner's lease, W-9, direct deposit form, and owner information form promptly in order to begin receiving rent payments from LHA.

10. The LHA Housing Specialist sends a letter to the owner and tenant describing how much of the rent is paid by the tenant and how much of the rent is paid by LHA.

11. Each month, the tenant pays approximately 27% of their income toward rent to the owner. LHA sends the balance directly to the bank account of the owner or owner's agent.