The Family Support Program was developed by LHA to assist families who are already housed with LHA or on the waiting list. The program was developed in recognition that LHA staff often become aware of problem situations with families. Information comes from a variety of sources including contacts with families, the general public, referrals by other agencies, landlords, and neighbors. LHA has also developed a computer database which matches all LHA households with police service calls. Through the database, LHA becomes aware of households with high incidents of police contact or singular incidents of a very serious nature.

After referral to the Family Support Program, contact is made to offer services. Family support services are intended to be short-term case management in which the Family Support Specialist will contact the family, assess their needs, and try to link the family with community services to address their situation. The goal is to help families retain their housing and change the behaviors or situations which are putting their housing at risk.

Family Support Services are provided at no cost to the family.


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