RentWise is a tenant education program that helps people know how to find and keep decent rental housing, and how to become more successful renters. Renters who complete this program of six modules earn a certificate of completion to show potential landlords and property managers that they want to be good tenants. RentWise includes information on:

> Managing Your Money

> Communicating with Landlords and Neighbors

> Finding a Place to Call Home

> Getting Through the Rental Process

> Taking Care of a Home

> When you Move Out

> Where to go for help with problems

RentWise was originally created by the Universities of Wisconsin and Minnesota and licensed to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension. RentWise Lincoln Network Members are: CenterPointe, Community Action Program, Friendship Home, Hoppe Homes, Lincoln Housing Authority, NE Assistive Technology. NE Health and Human Services, NE Housing Developers Association, HomeServices Title, Realtors Association of Nebraska, Region V Systems, REOMA, Stronger Safer Neighborhoods, University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension Office.


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