A Few Words About Us

The Housing Authority of the City of Lincoln (LHA) is a governmental entity established under state law, by the City of Lincoln, with a mission of providing affordable housing to the residents of Lincoln, Nebraska

The Housing Authority fulfills that mission by: The ownership and/or management of 1400+ units of rental housing, The administration of the federal Section 8 Rent Subsidy Program in the city of Lincoln, The operation of two home ownership programs, Tenant supportive services, Community partnerships with other providers of housing and social services Although the Lincoln Housing Authority is a governmental entity, it does not have the power to tax, and does not receive local tax dollars. It is governed by a five member Board of Commissioners appointed by Lincoln’s mayor and approved by the City Council. The Board of Commissioners appoints an Executive Director to oversee the daily operation, and ensure that the Board’s policies are implemented.

For more information about the history of LHA and some of the recognition our programs have received follow the links below.

History of LHA

Awards and Program Recognition


Lincoln Housing Authority Management Team