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You may apply for all of our programs using our Online Web Based Application.  To begin the application process click Online Application below.

Do you live outside of Lincoln? If the answer is yes and your intention is to get a voucher in Lincoln and take it elsewhere please be aware of the following restrictions that apply: 1) LHA requires the LHA voucher be used in Lincoln for a minimum of one year; 2) After the one year there has to be a good cause (such as safety, medical, employment or education needs) for the voucher to be transferred outside of Lincoln; and 3) After the one year and a verified good cause, the voucher cannot be transferred to communities with higher rental costs (as determined by HUD’s Fair Market Rents) than those in Lincoln, NE unless the local housing agency will absorb the voucher into their program.  

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Print and Mail Application

You may print the the paper application and either mail it to our office, or deliver the application to our office.  To access the PDF version of the application click Paper Application below.  You may also call our office and we will mail you a printed application.

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