Volunteer and Interns



Lincoln Housing Authority recognizes the value of volunteers. Volunteers can be found in many parts of LHA. They are an essential part of the Resident Services Program at Burke Plaza, Mahoney Manor and Crossroads House. Truly, without resident and community volunteers, the program and services offered at these three buildings would not be possible. Volunteers are part of everything. They manage the library; they organize and conduct activities; they set up and take down garage sales and pot luck meals; they serve as first responders in urgent situations; they conduct tours, sell raffle tickets, drive the vans, check on other residents, stuff envelopes, and serve on the resident councils. At Burke Plaza, Mahoney Manor, and Crossroads House, we use the term “Neighbor helping Neighbor.” Our volunteers make all the difference not only in their own building but in the community. Volunteers from our buildings can be found in schools, hospitals, community organizations and churches. They truly make a difference every day.

dVolunteers are also a big part of the Carol Yoakum Family Resource Center and the Arnold School Community Learning Center. Volunteers plan events and activities at the center and school. They serve on neighborhood committees. They provide the people power that keeps the food distribution program going; volunteers provide the donations that fill the clothing closet. Big events require big support from neighborhood residents and they have always been there for festivals, neighborhood clean-ups, and holiday events.


Lincoln Housing Authority is pleased to offer three internship positions. The internship program provides undergraduate or graduate students with valuable on-the-job experience related to their field of study. Internships are paid positions with academic credit or non-credit options. Students work 19 hours per week or less. Internships can be scheduled for either a semester, full school year or during the summer. The program is available to full or part-time students enrolled at an accredited post-secondary institution.

Currently, LHA offers the following internships:

Computer Services Intern

Family Resource Center Intern

Resident Services Intern at Burke Plaza, Mahoney Manor, or Crossroads House