Direct Deposit

All Housing Assistance Payments are made by direct deposit. Owners may view and print statements from a Landlord Access website through a link on Additional information about the Landlord Access website is sent to new owner participants prior to the direct deposit of the first Housing Assistance Payment.

When does the owner get paid?

Payments for rent are made after LHA and the owner sign a HAP Contract. LHA issues direct deposit payments approximately four (4) times a month. The payment begins when the following five (5) steps are completed:

1. The unit passes inspection.

2. The tenant occupies the unit.

3. The Housing Specialist mails a HAP Contract to the owner.

4. The owner provides LHA with a lease signed by the owner and tenant with all the required information.

5. The owner signs and returns the HAP Contract to LHA.

LHA requests contracts and leases be provided by the owner within 10 days of notification.

Any contract signed later than 60 days of the start date is voided.

What portion of the rent does the tenant pay?

The tenant typically pays 27% of their income towards their portion of rent but there is an allowance for utilities based on the Utility Allowance chart. If the tenant's unit is over the LHA “Target Rent”, the tenant will be responsible for more than 27% of their income towards rent. LHA will notify the owner and the tenant of their portion of rent prior to the signing of the HAP Contract.

How often does the tenants portion of rent change?

Typically the tenants rent changes only once a year after their annual re-examination. The tenant portion of rent will be changed when:

The household members change.

Income increases or decreases.

Expenses (deductions) increase or decrease.

Can the owner change the contract rent?

After the initial 12 month lease term the contract rent can be changed after the tenant and LHA are provided with a 60 day notice of the rent increase and LHA has approved that the new rent amount meets rent reasonableness.

Note: Year to year leases require a 60 day notice to the tenant and LHA prior to the end of the lease term.

Can the owner change the tenants portion of rent?

No, the owner can not change the tenant's portion of rent. It will always be determined by LHA.