The owner may only evict the tenant from the contract unit by instituting a court action. The owner must notify LHA in writing of the commencement of procedures for termination of tenancy at the same time that the owner gives notice to the tenant under state or local law. The notice to LHA may be given by furnishing LHA a copy of the notice that was given to the tenant.

Grounds for Eviction

1. Serious or repeated violations of the terms and conditions of the lease.

2. Violation of federal, state, local law, or negligence of the tenant family.


Notice of Intent

If an owner intends to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent, the owner must send a notice to the tenant and a copy to LHA.

If a tenant fails to comply with terms and conditions other than the payment of rent, they must be given

a 14/30 day notice. The notice must list the violations and corrective action within fourteen (14) days or the lease will end in not less than thirty (30) days. Should the tenant correct lease violations within fourteen (14) days, the notice must also state that violation of the lease in the same regard within the next six (6) months of the date of the original corrective action necessary will cause the lease to be terminated in fourteen (14) days and the tenant will have no opportunity to make remedy. If the tenant is evicted, LHA must be notified in writing when the tenant is out of the unit.

If you need eviction advice, please contact an attorney. LHA is not qualified to give legal advice.

The Lincoln Housing Authority is not an advocate for either the tenant or owner. Any legal action such as an eviction must be brought by the owner against the tenant. LHA is not involved in any such action.