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This page provides information on how to apply for housing. Follow the links below for additional information, or call 402-434-5500 if you have additional questions.


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You may apply for housing directly through this website by clicking the link below. You will need to have all of the necessary information available when you begin the application process, as applications cannot be saved and returned to at a later time.


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Waiting List Hot Line – (402) 434-5518

TDD Line: 1-800-545-1833 Ext 875

This hot line number will provide the Housing Choice Voucher’s current status in selecting applicants from the waiting list.  It can also direct you to the appropriate staff to assist you with other waiting list questions. It is important to keep your address updated with our office. You may use the following form to report household changes.

All changes should be reported in writing and sent to our office at 5700 R Street Lincoln NE 68505.

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Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List

Applications received and dated before June 01, 2018 are currently being selected from the Housing Choice Voucher waiting list to determine their eligibility to be admitted to the program. The wait time is considerably less if the applicant has a verifiable preference.  Please refer to the date on your application receipt..

Please note- If the applicant has previously received voucher assistance through LHA, there is a restriction from a household being eligible for a preference a second time during a specified five year period.

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Single, non-disabled applicants will not be selected until all families, elderly and disabled are served from the waiting list first.

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WAITING LISTS INFORMATION - other lha properties

The wait time for our properties and other programs vary. Please contact our leasing agents, click here to assist you.